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Learn more about ongoing projects involving our research lab by browsing the listings on this page. 

Educator Support for Gender Policies in Education

In this experimental study, we are evaluating factors that relate to educators' support for anti-trans gender policies in education. Specifically, we are evaluating support for policies that have been proposed or implemented in the U.S. including policies restricting bathroom access, policies restricting athletic participation, and policies restricting name and pronoun choices for students based on sex assigned at birth. 

This project is funded by a policy grant from APA Division 15. 


How To QuantCrit

This book project, led by co-author Dr. Wendy Castillo, will be published as an open-access book by Routledge. It aims to provide users of data in education with practical skills to rethink how they interpret and use education data from the perspective of QuantCrit. QuantCrit brings Critical Race Theory to quantitative methods, and this book will be among the first practical guides to using it in education.

This project is supported by the William T. Grant Foundation and the Spencer Foundation.

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LGBTQ+ Affirming Counselor Education

In this project, we are working with LGBTQ+ community members, as well as with counselor educators and counselors-in-training to understand LGBTQ+ affirming counselor education. We are investigating how LGBTQ+ people seek and find affirming care, and what their experiences are in counseling. In addition, we are investigating how counselors-in-training perceive their training experiences, and how counselor educators understand their role and explain their approaches to training affirming counselors.

This project was funded by the Spencer Foundation.

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Design and Analysis in Educational Research, 2nd edition

This textbook project is the 2nd edition of the Design and Analysis in Educational Research: ANOVA Designs in SPSS book. It will expand the coverage of critical quantitative methodologies, while adding chapters on correlation, simple linear regression, and simultaneous multiple regression. It is co-authored with Dr. Mwarumba Mwavita

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Gender and Sexuality in Educational Psychology

In this project, we are conducting a systematic review of the past ten years of published educational psychology research to examine how and whether researchers took up gender and sexual identities in their work.

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