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About Us

Lambda Research Lab is located at the School of Education at Virginia Commonwealth University. Our work spans several key research focus areas including:

  • Critical Quantitative Methodologies, including QuantCrit and QuantQueer

  • Queer and Trans Studies in Education

  • Critical Studies in Educational Psychology


Our work aims to transform formal and informal education and learning contexts for liberation and consciousness-raising. We work toward intersectional research and practice that recognize and address the ways that systems of oppression and marginalization including heterosexism, cisgenderism, racism, white supremacy, settler colonialism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, ableism, and others are interdependent and connected.  

Rainbow Flags

Why Lambda?

The choice of the character Lambda to represent our research lab connects to a long history of the use of the Greek character Lambda in queer activism. The symbol can sometimes signify change in some uses, which may be part of why it was chosen for queer activism. The shape of the character also shows a kind of fluidity, which is a core principle of queer theory. It also carries meaning in statistical analysis, where it means different things in various analyses and tests. The particular formulation of Lambda in our logo also shows the colors of the Progress Pride flag that includes trans rights and racial justice symbolism. 

Our Team

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